PlayFab helps you deliver a kick-ass player experience throughout your game's lifecycle. Count on powerful tools, seamless integrations and a proven ability to scale.

The PlayFab Platform

Everything you need to turn a great game into a breakout success.

  • Game Services

    Back-end building blocks for your live game, accessed via our extensive set of web service APIs.

  • Game Manager

    Mission control for your whole team, bringing all your game's data together in one place.

  • PlayStream

    Game operations automation, with events, triggers and real-time segmentation.

  • Add-On Marketplace

    The largest collection of pre-integrated 3rd-party tools and services dedicated to game operations.

Game Services

Back-end building blocks for your live game, accessed via our extensive set of web service APIs. Storage, compute, commerce, analytics and much, much more. Use by themselves, or mix and match with your own backend services.

PlayFab Game Services: More than Just a Backend

  • Dynamic game configuration

    Store and adjust game configuration data on the server, and modify your game at any time without forcing players to update their clients. Data can range from simple integers or strings, to JSON blobs, or entire files.

  • Receipt validation & purchasing

    Fight fraud by validating receipts or making purchases on the server. Built-in support for Steam, Facebook, Apple, Google, PayPal, Amazon, Microsoft, Sony, and others makes it easy to accommodate in-app purchases whatever your platform.

  • Multiplayer game server scaling

    The simplest path to host and auto-scale your multiplayer game servers, anywhere in the world. Just upload your server build, select your regions, and implement our API for creating and joining game sessions. Server log files are archived automatically and kept for later debugging.

  • CloudScript

    Host your game logic on the server, where it's easier to maintain, and harder to hack. Call any of the trusted Server API calls, or call out to your own server with a webhook. Integrates with GitHub for easy revision control.

Game Services Feature Checklist

  • Player profiles
    Player authentication
    Multiple account linking
    Player data & statistics
    Real-time segmentation
    Item inventory
  • In-game economy
    Virtual currencies
    Item catalogs
    Drop tables
    Receipt validation
    Real-money transactions
  • Multiplayer & social
    Friends list
    Trading & gifting
    Group data
    Photon Cloud partnership
  • Server-side game logic
    Auto-scaled game server hosting
    PlayStream action triggers
  • Player messaging
    In-game messaging
    Push notifications
  • Analytics
    Log custom events
    Server events
    Event counters and logging
  • Content management
    Upload & download files
    Game configuration data
  • Dev tools
    Client, server, and admin APIs
    Multiplatform SDKs
    Rich documentation, tutorials, code samples
    Server log files

Download whitepaper on features, architecture, processes, and roadmap

Game Manager

PlayFab's Game Manager is mission control for your whole team, bringing all your game's data together in one place. Give your live ops team the tools they need to engage and retain your players, and free your developers to focus on the gameplay. Being data-driven shouldn't be this much fun.

PlayFab Game Manager: Empower Your Entire Team

  • Customer support tools

    Look up a player's profile using a variety of search fields, then view or edit any of the player's information, including linked accounts, or stored data.

  • Player inventory & balances

    View a player's complete inventory and purchase history. Grant or revoke items, and modify virtual currency balances.

  • Monitor & ban players

    View reports of toxic player behavior and ban players for violating your standards. Bans can be permanent, or limited in duration.

  • Publish messages

    Notify your players of relevant information, including upcoming events, sales, or updates. Display news anywhere in your game you wish, including launchers, interstitials, overlays, and more.

  • Dynamic catalog updates

    Update your in-game catalog at any time by adding or removing fully customized new items. Set prices, create drop-tables, and designate items to be durable or consumable with a fixed number of uses. Then use stores to discount prices or discontinue items.

Game Manager Feature Checklist

  • Customer support
    Search and edit player profiles
    Grant and revoke items
    Modify virtual currency balances
    Ban players
  • On-the-fly content updates
    Game configuration data
    Virtual item catalogs
    File storage and CDN delivery
  • Sales and promotions
    Run temporary promotions with stores
    Notify players with messaging
    Coupon codes for item redemption
  • Monitoring and reporting
    Daily reports on key metrics, including retention, revenue, and top spenders
    Subscribe to transaction reports
    Error logs
    Multiplayer game session history
  • Audit logs and permissions
    Fine grained permissions to prevent ops staff making unauthorized changes
    Full audit log, see all changes made
    Add and remove users from your studio and individual titles


The activity stream that ties it all together. Events, triggers and real-time segmentation to automate your live-ops and tune your game.

If this was Star Wars, Playstream would be The Force

  • View player history

    See a player specific history of data events to assist with customer support and debugging. See player specific events in real-time to monitor specific player performance.

  • Real-time KPIs

    PlayStream delivers real-time KPIs to your game, updated minute-by-minute.

  • Monitor live event flow

    Sample a real-time feed of data events from your game to ensure everything is working smoothly. Click to inspect specific players or events.

The PlayFab Marketplace

Tap into our growing list of pre-integrated, pre-tested, and always up-to-date tools and services to enhance your game operations. Access all your data through a single interface, and spend your time improving your game, not integrating yet another SDK.

PlayFab Marketplace: Featured Partners

  • Innervate: Harness the power of your community

    Innervate offers a turn-key community solution that's fully integrated with PlayFab. Forums, blogs, player profiles, and all the standard community software you need to build and engage your audience. Share player accounts, stats, achievements, character levels, friends lists, and more between game and community. Each community will be custom branded with your game's visuals and art.

  • GitHub: Use the largest code host on the planet

    Manage the data for your game using the same tools you're already using to manage your source code. Take advantage of features like collaborative code reviews, multiple branches, and distributed teams to manage your cloud script.

  • Kochava: Driving effect mobile ad spend

    Kochava empowers advertisers to achieve their mobile media goals. Through mobile device recognition and tracking, the Kochava platform provides precise, real-time analytics that span from initial launch through conversion, optimization and lifetime value (LTV) reporting.

Featured Partners

We're adding new partners and pre-integrated services all the time.

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  • Appuri
  • Segment
  • Photon
  • New Relic
  • Omniata
  • Kochava
  • PayPal
  • OneSignal

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