Game Services

Scale your game fearlessly with a complete set of backend features

  • Key Player authentication and linked accounts

    PlayFab offers multiple forms of authentication so players can be tracked across multiple devices.

    • Device ID for guest login
    • Username/password
    • Google account
    • GameCenter account
    • Facebook account
    • Steam account
    • Kongregate account
    • Twitch account
    • Other oAuth providers
    • Android device ID
    • Custom player ID
  • Floppy disk Store and manage player data

    Store player information and game state in the cloud so data is never lost.

    • Share across multiple devices and games
    • Share with other players
    • Choose level of game client access
    • Modify using Game Manager
    • Player stats for leaderboards, matchmaking, and segmentation
    • Support for COPPA compliance

GDPR compliance support

PlayFab is fully GDPR compliant, and provides you with the tools you need to ensure your titles are GDPR compliant as well. PlayFab's APIs allow you to export and view data stored on your behalf about a player, or delete a player entirely.

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Tournaments & Leaderboards

Drive more engagement in your game. Customize and display around the current player, or from any position. Leaderboards can be reset on a fixed schedule or manually at any time.

  • Any stat can be a leaderboard
  • Filter leaderboards (e.g. only show friends)
  • Display around the current player, or from any position
  • Remove player suspected of cheating at any time
  • Choose stat update mode: last, min, max, sum
  • Filter out illegal values
List of leaderboards

In-game characters

Store multiple characters per player with its own data, virtual currency, and inventory.

Send push notifications

Notify players manually or automatically. You can even send messages to an entire segment.


  • Panels Create and manage item catalog Update catalog from server dynamically at any time
  • Folder plus Group items in bundles and containers Contents may be randomly generated from a drop table
  • House Manage stores of items and segment prices Override catalog prices for all players or specific segments
  • Person Store player inventory on the server Grant and revoke items manually or create randomized items
  • Receipt Reduce fraud with receipt validation Available on Android, iOS, Amazon, Xbox, and PlayStation
  • Two people Player-to-player gifting and trading Let players send trade requests via chat, push, or social
  • Credit card Process payments using third party systems Available on Steam, Facebook, Xsolla, PayPal, and more
  • Tags Generate coupon codes to redeem items Great for promotional campaigns or live events

Create and track virtual currencies

  • Build multiple virtual currencies
  • View and set player balances
  • Set initial deposit balances
  • Specify recharge rates

Real-time Analytics

Measure success with live dashboards, reports, and access to your raw data

  • Four boxes Monitor real-time dashboards Our data refreshes every 2 minutes with no processing lag
  • Magnifying glass Full-text event search Filter through recent event history and look for specific players, event types, or error conditions
  • Share icon Export data events Send events in real-time to an S3 archive, webhook, or other third party analytics systems
PlayFab real-time dashboards

Debug with real-time event feed

  • See real-time feed of events from the game client, backend services, and third party add-ons
  • Easily generate custom events
  • Change sample rate to see more events per second
  • View full JSON of each event as it travels through data pipeline


Engage, retain, and monetize players with events, promotions, and content updates

  • Wifi Remotely manage game configuration Store configuration on the server to modify your game's behavior over time, without client updates.
  • Jewel Store and distribute game files Hook players with frequent content updates such as asset packs, DLC, or other game files. Update anytime remotely. Access by game clients via global CDN.
  • Calculator Trigger actions from real-time events Reward your players and enable a rich set of actions including running CloudScript or sending push notifications.
  • Clock Scheduled tasks Schedule tasks once or on a recurring basis. Run tasks, such as granting a reward to your top spenders or re-engaging your lapsed players with an offer.

Publish title news

Edit and publish messages to be seen by all players. Title News is useful for news of the day, tips and tricks, upcoming announcements, and more.

Custom email templates

Address customer requets or stimulate player engagement by targeting a segment of lapsed players with a link to redeem a gift, or notify players of an upcoming special event.