PlayFab is a suite of products that complement your existing backend infrastructure. Mix and match to meet your needs, or adopt the entire platform as a powerful base for current and future games.



Build stronger relationships

  • Authentication

    Authenticate your players using any of several different authentication mechanisms, including:

    • Device ID for guest login
    • Username/password
    • Any custom player ID
    • Google account
    • Game Center account
    • Facebook account
    • Steam account
    • Kongregate account
    • Twitch account
    • Other oAuth providers

    Link and unlink multiple authentication types together to a single PlayFab account.

  • Link and unlink

    • Android device ID
    • Custom player ID
    • Facebook account
    • GameCenter account
    • Google account
    • iOS device ID
    • Kongregate account
    • Steam account
    • Twitch account
  • Read/write custom player data

    Store arbitrary data for your players, such as save-game information or player progress.

    • Share across multiple devices
    • Share across multiple games
    • Share with other players
    • Choose level of game client access
    • Modify using Game Manager
  • Read/write player statistics

    • Numeric player properties
    • Used for leaderboards, matchmaking, segmentation
    • Can reset automatically: daily, weekly, monthly
  • Player segmentation

    • Trigger actions as player enter/exit segments
    • Updated in real-time
    • Set manually with tags
    • Use segments to target stores, run bulk actions
  • In-game characters

    • Store multiple characters per player
    • Each character has its own: data, virtual currency, inventory, statistics
  • Send push notifications to players

    • Manually, or automated
    • To single players, or an entire segment
  • Full-text search for players

    • Easily locate players
    • Search across all player properties
    • Use wildcard matches
  • Manage in-game friends list

    • Each player has a friends list
    • Players can add or remove other players from the list
    • The list is not symmetrical; you can be my friend, but I may not be your friend
  • Ban abusive players

    • Temporary or permanent bans
    • Review reports on abuse
    • Ban player ID or entire IP address
    • System for reporting abusive behavior


Foster competition to boost engagement

  • Leaderboards

    • Any stat can be a leaderboard
    • Leaderboards can be filtered to only show friends
    • Display around the current player, or from any position
    • Remove players suspected of cheating at any time
    • Chose stat update mode: last, min, max, sum
    • Optionally: use CloudScript to filter for illegal values (e.g., cheating)
  • Time-based leaderboards

    • Leaderboards can be reset on a fixed schedule (daily, weekly, monthly) or manually at any time
    • When leaderboards reset, the list of players at the time of the reset is archived
    • Use leaderboard standing at time of reset to issue prizes, determine tournament winners
  • Prize Tables

    • Perform actions for each player in a leaderboard at the end of a tournament:
    • Send email
    • Send push notification
    • Grant item
    • Increment statistic
    • Run CloudScript
  • Chat support via Photon Chat

    • Deep integration with Photon chat service
    • Supports 1-to-1, small group, and large group chat
    • Call CloudScript functions automatically when players enter/exit rooms
    • Currently integrated with CommunitySift for moderation
  • Profanity filtering

    • CommunitySift provides powerful profanity filtering
    • Integrated for Display Name filtering
    • Integrated with Photon Chat
    • Deeper custom integration available
  • Host session-based game servers

    • Upload custom game server builds
    • Configure multiplayer game modes
    • Select regions where servers should be hosted
    • Servers will scale automatically based on load
  • Global server availability

  • Monitor game sessions

    • Game sessions can be monitored in real-time
    • After a game session, all log files are archived to help debug issues
    • View each player's previous match history
  • Photon multiplayer integration

    • Deep integration with Photon real-time multiplayer service
    • Call CloudScript functions automatically when players enter/exit rooms


Sell more virtual goods, more easily

  • Create and track virtual currencies

    • Create multiple virtual currencies
    • View and set player balances
    • Set initial deposit balances
    • Specify auto-recharge rates
  • Create and manage item catalog

    • Items can have: limited uses, an expiration time, custom data, default prices in multiple currencies, tags to help organize
    • Limited edition items have enforced scarcity
    • Catalogs can be imported / exported as JSON data
    • Update catalog from server dynamically at any time
  • Bundles, containers, drop-tables

    • Items may be grouped together into bundles or containers
    • Bundle: contents are granted immediately upon purchase
    • Container: must be opened first
    • Containers may be locked, and require a “key” to be consumed first to open
    • Contents may be randomly generated from a drop-table
  • Item stores

    • One catalog can have multiple stores
    • Stores can have different prices
    • Stores can be targeted to different player segments
    • Custom store fields
  • Server-authenticated inventory

    • Store player inventory on the server
    • Grant or revoke items manually
    • Create randomized items by setting custom data per item instance in player inventory
  • Receipt validation

    • Validate receipts on the server to reduce fraud
    • Supports Android, iOS, Amazon, Xbox, PlayStation
    • Keeps a record of all purchases in the player profile
    • Adds item to player inventory automatically upon success
  • Player-to-player gifting/trading

    • Players can trade or gift items between themselves
    • Player 1 proposes a trade (or gift); any items go into escrow
    • The trade can communicated to other players via any mechanism (chat, social media, polling, push notification, etc)
    • The trade can be open to anyone, or limited to a single player
    • Player 2 accepts the trade (or gift); the trade then completes and the items transfer
  • 3rd party payment processing

    • Process payments using third party systems like Steam, Facebook, Xsolla, Paypal, and more
  • Coupon system

    • Generate coupon codes which can be redeemed for items
    • Use for promotional campaigns
Real-time Analytics

Real-time Analytics

Monitor and respond with no lag

  • Monitor real-time dashboards

    • Data refreshed every 2 minutes
    • Real-time counters – no processing lag
    • New graphs and counters are added periodically
  • Debug with real-time event feed

    • See real-time feed of events from the game client, backend services, and third party add-ons
    • Easily generate custom events
    • Change sample rate to see more or fewer events per second
    • View full JSON of each event as it travels through data pipeline
  • Full-text event search

    • Filter and search through recent event history
    • Zoom in on specific time period
    • Look for specific players, event types, or error conditions
  • View and export reports

    • Several reports available out-of-the-box
    • View in Game Manager or export as CSV file for offline analysis
  • Export data events to external services

    • Export data events in real-time to a range of external services, including:
    • S3 archive
    • Webhook
    • 3rd party analytics systems
    • Proprietary analytics systems


Hook your players with frequent updates

  • Remotely manage game configuration

    • Store game configuration on the server to modify behavior over time
    • Coming soon: change configuration based on player segment
  • Store and distribute game files

    • Upload via convenient file management UI or via administration API
    • Access by game clients via global CDN
    • Use for asset packs, content, DLC, or other game files
    • Update anytime remotely
  • Publishing "Message of the day" news

    • Edit and publish messages to be seen by all players
    • Useful for "Message of the day", tips and tricks, upcoming announcements, and more.


Engage players 24x7 with server logic

  • Scripting & Automation

    • Extend the backend with powerful scripting and automation tools, including:
    • Write your own server-hosted JavaScript functions
    • With access to the entire PlayFab Server API
    • Schedule functions to run on a regular basis
    • Run bulk actions against all players in a segment
    • Trigger actions from real-time events with a powerful rules-engine
    • Publish and maintain script code using GitHub
  • Server-hosted JavaScript

    • Write server-based code without a dedicated game server
    • Easy upload of JavaScript custom logic
    • Make changes to your game behavior without requiring client updates
    • Server authentication protects against client-side cheating
    • Access the more powerful Server API (with features not available on the client)
    • GitHub integration for easy revision control
  • Trigger actions from real-time events

    • Trigger actions in response to real-time events
    • Events can come from client, server, or third party vendors
    • Rich set of actions including running CloudScript or sending push notifications
  • Scheduled tasks

    • Schedule tasks to run in the background
    • Run once, or on a recurring basis
    • Schedule now, or in the future
    • Run tasks for each player in a segment, or for the title as a whole


Professional features for large studios

  • Administrative Tools

    • Manage all your titles in a single publisher account
    • Share player data across game titles
    • Configure roles and permissions for each of your team members
    • Add two-factor authentication for additional security
    • SSO support for user authentication
    • View audit-logs to see who made what changes
    • Manage multiple titles for dev->test->live progression
    • Use Admin API to administer nearly all functions from scripts
  • Manage titles from a single publisher account

    • Share player data among titles in a single publisher account
    • Share developers across titles, but set fine-grained title-by-title permissions for each
    • Use multiple titles for dev->test->live progression
  • Two-factor authentication

    • Enable two-factor authentication for additional security
  • Audit logs

    • All admin changes are logged in audit logs
    • Can be used to review and audit support staff behavior
  • Custom roles & permissions

    • Define custom roles w/ fine-grained permissions model
    • Assign roles to users on a per-title basis
  • Revokable Secret Keys

    • Access to Server and Admin API controlled via secret keys
    • Secret keys may be created and revoked to as needed
  • SSO / SAML Support

    • Authenticate users with SSO / SAML
  • Administer via Admin API

    • Nearly all tasks that can be done from the Game Manager can also be done via the Admin API
    • Build your own admin tools
    • Automate admin functions as part of the build process
    • e.g. store catalog in source control, and upload as part of build