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PlayFab offers the most complete backend and operations platform built exclusively for live games. You bring the fun, we've got the rest.

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Complete game operations platform

Get player accounts, virtual goods, real-money purchasing, analytics, multiplayer, leaderboards, push notifications, and more. PlayFab supports mobile, PC, and console titles, with everything developers need to integrate with Steam, iOS, Google Play, PSN, Xbox, and Facebook.
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One tool to rule them all

PlayFab’s Game Manager is mission control for your entire team, with tools for developers, product managers, marketers, customer service reps, and more. With Game Manager, you can configure, launch, manage, and optimize your game all in one spot.
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PlayFab is the fastest, most cost-effective path to a trouble-free launch — and to profitable day-to-day operations after launch. Your first 1,000 daily users are always free. Skip the hassle of doing it yourself and go live for a fraction of the cost of one backend engineer.
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The power of Photon

PlayFab has teamed up with Exit Games to make the powerful suite of Photon Multiplayer server technology available to PlayFab customers at no additional charge. Turn-based and real-time functionality are ready out of the box, plus an array of matchmaking options. Get the ultimate cloud solution with PlayFab and Photon.

Don’t let success stop you.

Some games get too hot too fast and can’t keep up with demand. We’ll keep your hot streak running for as long as it lasts. Our experience speaks for itself — we’ve already powered three games that hit the Steam Top 10, plus featured games on PSN, iTunes and Google Play.
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