LiveOps Unleashed

PlayFab is a backend platform for games, delivering powerful real-time tools and services for LiveOps.

The PlayFab Platform

PlayFab is a suite of products that complement your existing backend infrastructure. Mix and match to meet your needs, or adopt the entire platform as a powerful base for current and future games.

  • Players


    Build stronger relationships

  • Tournaments


    Foster competition to boost engagement

  • Commerce


    Sell more virtual goods, more easily

  • Real-Time Analytics

    Real-Time Analytics

    Monitor and respond with no lag

  • Content


    Hook your players with frequent updates

  • Automation


    Engage players 24x7 with server logic

Trusted Worldwide

We proudly serve the biggest AAA studios and one-person indie shops.

  • Atari, Rovio, Tamatem, Protostar, Bandai Namco
  • Sad Panda Studios, Motionvolt, Dave & Busters, Upopa, Tricky Tribe
  • Capcom, Miniclip, Kongregate
  • Hyper Hippo, FreeRange Games, Dodreams
  • WildCard, Juicy Beast, fiveamp
  • Prettygreat, Bulletproof, Tripwire Interactive
  • Sega, Wizards of the Coast, Fluffy Fairy Games, 505 Games
  • NBC Universal, Nickelodeon

Pre-integrated with Everything You Need

All thoroughly tested and always up to date.


  • Windows, iOS, Android, Facebook, HTML 5
  • Xbox One, PS4, Twitch, Steam


  • Unity, Unreal, Coronoa Labs
  • Lumberyard, Cocos2D, Defold, Java

You Make It Fun, We'll Make It Run

We have a motto, "Ad facilia per aspera." It means that we'll make the hard stuff easy — and let you focus on what you love. Here are our promises to you:

  • We're Safe

    Your players and your data are yours. If you ever leave, take them with you. They're protected by multiple levels of backups and redundancies.

  • We're Built to Scale

    PlayFab is hosted on AWS, spans three availability zones for maximum uptime, and auto-scales. We've been tested past 1 million concurrent players and 20,000 API calls-per-second.

  • We're Here To Stay

    We built this company for the long haul, but in the unlikely case we ever shut down our service, you get immediate access to our source code. It's in our contract.


  • Documentation

    Get started with rich documentation, 'try it now' API reference, tutorials, and many code samples and snippets.

  • Forums

    Help when and how you need it. Community forums are free, or pay extra for dedicated phone and email support.