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Engage your players for better conversion, retention, and monetization with PlayFab's complete backend service to build, launch, and grow live games.

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Operating live service games
is a BIG challenge

We've been there: PlayFab is built for game developers, by game developers. You need bomb-proof backend systems and world-class game management tools.

We've got you covered.

  • Player Accounts
    Authenticate and store account profiles for all of your players, enabling them to play your game across multiple devices and platforms.

  • Virtual Goods
    Grow your revenue with catalogs and stores for all your virtual goods. Server-side player inventories limit fraud.

  • Multiplayer
    Bring async and synchronous multiplayer to your game with custom game server hosting and matchmaking.

  • Data Storage
    Take complete control of your player data on a per-title, per-group or per-player basis.

  • Promotions
    Increase retention and monetization with sales, events, custom carts, bundles and more.

  • Social
    Encourage competitive play with leaderboards, chat, and integrated friends lists with Facebook and Steam.

  • Analytics
    Optimize your game's performance through actionable metrics, cohorts, funnels, behaviors, and segments.

  • Messaging
    Automate your marketing and connect with players via segmentable in-app messaging and push notifications.

Everything you need.
Now, and in the future.

The game industry moves fast; your game needs to move faster. No matter where you are in your product lifecycle, PlayFab's scalable, flexible live service backend and operating tools keep you on the cutting edge.

  • Build
    Get all the benefits of a working backend from day one of development: cross-platform player authentication, virtual economy, matchmaking, and more.

  • Launch
    Don’t fear success! PlayFab is designed for scalability and elasticity. 10x expected launch load? No problem.

  • Grow
    Manage and optimize your game post-launch to improve conversion, retention, and revenue with our out-of-the-box game management tools.

PlayFab played a critical role in the success of Loadout on Steam, all the way from Early Access to our launch into the top 10.

Rob Cohen, CEO, Edge of Reality

No pain, tons of gain

PlayFab integration is simple, fast, and flexible.
Integrate once, play across all platforms!

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    Pick your SDK, fill in your game credentials, and you're off and running!

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    Grow Your Game

    Use our features and tools to learn what motivates your players and deepen their engagement.

We Support

  • Unity
  • Cocos2D
  • Photon
  • Unreal Engine
  • Steam
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Xbox
  • Playstation 4
  • Amazon
  • Drag-and-drop Unity »

    There's no simpler backend solution for your Unity game. If you'd started at the beginning of this sentence, you'd be integrated by now. Seriously.

  • The Power of Photon »

    Get the power and customization of Photon, the world's leading multiplayer cloud service, with the ease of use of PlayFab. Free to premium tier customers!

  • SDKs for All Popular Engines »

    No matter where you're publishing, or what you're using, we have an integration solution. Using other third-party tools? Don't worry, our RESTful APIs play nice with others.

The PlayFab promise

We believe in the power of great games to connect with people in astounding ways.

  • We Empower Your Team

    Give your game operations team the levers they need to modify, tune, and optimize without hacking databases or writing custom queries.

  • You Own Your Data

    You own and control your data. We'll store it safely and securely, but if you ever leave PlayFab you can take all of your data with you.

  • No Breaking Changes

    We're always upgrading and adding new features, but we go to great lengths to maintain backward compatibility and avoid breaking changes to our APIs.

  • No SDK Fatigue

    Tired of managing half a dozen or more SDKs and all of their potential conflicts? Moving integrations to the server gives you a single SDK to manage as much as possible.

Highlighted Customers

  • SpryFox
  • Dragon Foundry
  • Edge of Reality
  • HyperHippo
  • Dave and Buster's
  • AllianceGameStudios

Ready to make your game a hit?

Bring world-class live game management and backend technology to your mobile, PC, or console game simply and quickly. Your players love your game; let PlayFab make your game love your players.