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Everything you need to build and operate a live game

Multiplayer Services

Bring players together



Run your game as a service

  • Engagement and Retention

    Keep players coming back for more

  • Content Management

    Manage remote updates to game assets

  • Experiments

    Run experiments, learn fast and iterate

  • Economy

    Process payments securely, manage virtual currency, sell catalog items and enable user generated content

  • Automation

    Configure custom operations and react to events in real-time

Data & Analytics

Understand and react to player behavior

  • Real-Time Analytics

    Gain immediate insight into game performance and potential issues

  • Data Management

    Import, store, process and export data generated by your games

  • Compliance

    Comply with GDPR, COPPA and other government regulations

  • Raw Event Data

    Get direct access to raw event data in Azure Data Explorer

Case Studies

PlayFab hosts more than 2.5 billion player accounts in over 5000 games

See why other studios are using the most powerful backend platform for games. Read all case studies.

  • Ubisoft logo

    Rainbow Six Siege

    With PlayFab, Ubisoft has the elastic scalability needed to deliver Rainbow Six Siege’s heart pounding multiplayer to over 30 million...

  • Kolibri logo

    Idle Miner Tycoon

    Kolibri Games uses PlayFab to understand their players and iterate at lightning speed...

  • Rare logo

    Sea of Thieves

    Sea of Thieves is using multiplayer servers to bring more exciting experiences to their immersive world...

Platform Support

Leverage platforms, engines, and stores

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Migrate from GameSparks to Azure PlayFab today

If your game is running on GameSparks and you’re looking for an alternative solution, Azure PlayFab’s online services are ready to use with any engine, any store, and any platform.

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The PlayFab Guide to LiveOps

We also publish The PlayFab Guide to LiveOps. Download your free copy below!

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