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PlayFab for Engineers

Focus on what you love and let us take care of the rest.

Developer Support

Get the support you need to build, launch and operate your game with PlayFab.

Access extensive documentation for all services.
Code Samples
Drop code samples directly into your game.
Slack Channels
Use dedicated Slack channels for developer discussion and direct communication with PlayFab Developer Success.
Case Studies
Case studies of how other games use PlayFab
Join our forums to post questions and read answers.
Support Tickets
Get expert help with ticketed support and 24/7 emergency escalations.


Rest easy knowing our team is working around the clock to keep your game running.

On-Call 24/7
Service availability and performance are continuously monitored, and we are on-call 24/7 to promptly resolve any issues.
Reliable Data
All data is replicated to multiple data centers and backed-up frequently for high availability and reliability.
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Cross-Network Play

Use PlayFab on any platform with any gamer identity system, simplifying your technology stack and enabling cross-network progression and multiplayer.

Support for 17 Different SDKs
PlayFab SDK’s cover Unity, Unreal, C#, Windows, Lua, JavaScript, Cocos2D, ActionScript 3, Android Studio, Objective-C (iOS), Java, NodeJS, Xamarin, and Lumberyard.
Access the Full Set of PlayFab Services with Client, Server, and Admin APIs
Support is included for popular third-party back end services, providing analytics, profanity filtering, payments, and more.
Support for a Wide Breadth of Platforms
Games utilizing PlayFab are shipping via the Amazon Kindle Store, App Store, Facebook Game Center, Facebook Instant Games, Google Play Store, Kongregate, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Steam, Xbox and more.

Global Multiplayer Services

Build sophisticated applications that dynamically scale to meet player demand with limited administration.

Connect Players
Matchmake players, connect them with networking and accessible chat, and scale for massive player concurrency.
15 Global Regions
Serve 15 global regions (including South Africa and China) with dynamically scaling, secure, dedicated multiplayer servers powered by Azure.
PlayFab scales to automatically handle the demands of even the largest games.
With full access to your data via API and continuous export functionality, you can take your players with you if you ever decide to leave.
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Simplify Data Collection

Gather all your game data together into a single cloud database and act on it.

Data Ingestion
Ingest PlayFab events and custom payloads from managed ETL.
Create custom reports by connecting directly to the data using your favorite reporting tools including PowerBI and Grafana (with Tableau coming soon).
Data Export
Schedule exports to a pre-existing Azure Blob Storage or Amazon S3 data warehouse.
Data Insights
Analyze and process to create custom insights and then operationalize them.
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