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Data & Analytics

Understand and react to player behavior in real-time with one-stop data analytics, storage, processing and exports

Get the tools you need to engage and retain your players, and free your developers to focus on the gameplay.

Real-Time Analytics

Gain immediate insight into game performance and issues.


Monitor a unified real-time stream (and historical archive) of every event fired by your game.

Real-Time Segmentation

Use data properties to bucket players into segments and trigger actions as they enter or exit.


Review summaries of your game’s daily and monthly performance with automatic reports available by daily email and on demand.

Real-Time Rules Engine

Set up powerful actions and triggers that respond to PlayStream events.

Event Filter and Search

Zoom in on a time slice to analyze players, events and error conditions in detail.

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Data Management

Collect, store, process and export data from your games.


Gather all event and processed data into a single cloud analytics engine.

Event Archiving

Schedule event exports to a pre-existing Azure Blob Storage or Amazon S3 data warehouse.

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Comply with GDPR, COPPA and other government regulations.


PlayFab is committed to being General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant and as your service provider, ensuring that we provide you with the hooks you need to allow players to view or delete their data.


PlayFab is in use today by COPPA compliant games.

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Raw Event Data

Get direct access to raw event data

Azure Data Explorer

Get direct access to raw event data in Azure Data Explorer so you can interact with it using your favorite query and visualization solutions.


Export raw data to Blob storage or Amazon S3 warehouse.

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