Live game operations made easy

PlayFab is the fast and cost-effective way to build, launch and grow your mobile, PC or console game. We offer a complete set of cloud-based backend services built exclusively for games and live operations tools to help you maximize player retention and monetization.


Get all the benefits of a working backend from day one of development: cross-platform player authentication, virtual economy, matchmaking, and more. All at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself!

  • Player Accounts
    Authenticate and store account profiles for each of your players across multiple titles and platforms. Link accounts from Facebook, Steam, Apple, Google Play, Amazon, Xbox Live, PSN, and custom oAuth providers.
  • Data Storage
    Complete control of your client and server-side data on a per-title, per-group or per-player basis. Server-side data helps prevent client-side hacking and lets you update your game on the fly.
  • Economy
    Create and use unlimited currencies and item catalogs. Define consumable items, random card packs, bundles, key-locked containers and more. Receipt verification from Apple, Google, Steam, PayPal, Amazon, and Adyen.
  • Multiplayer
    Bring async and synchronous multiplayer to your game with custom game server hosting and matchmaking. Plus, all premium PlayFab customers get Photon for free.
  • Cloud Script
    Get the security and flexibility of custom game logic without the cost and hassle of running your own game servers. Make changes to your game without recertifying and protect against client-side cheating.


Don't fear success! PlayFab is designed for scalability and elasticity. 10x expected launch load? No problem. And our out-of-the-box analytics and customer support solutions give you real-time answers to how your game is doing.

  • Content Management
    Store large files on a distributed network, providing fast delivery for your players and the flexibility to upload new content easily.
  • Servers
    PlayFab offers virtual and physical multiplayer game server hosting, including matchmaking, server monitoring, log storage, and more. Upload and manage your game server builds with ease.
  • Customer Service
    Give your support teams access to detailed player information. Manage player abuse reporting and banning and add or remove virtual items from player inventory as needed.
  • Analytics
    Use our standard KPI reports to get basic reporting with no extra SDK integration needed. When you're ready for more, use the full power of our advanced analytics to segment players, and analyze game performance with cohorts, funnels, and behaviors.


Launch day is just the beginning! Grow your player community and build retention with leaderboards, promotions, new content and targeted offers.

  • Engagement
    Automate your marketing and connect with players via segmentable in-app messaging and push notifications.
  • Social
    Encourage competitive play with leaderboards, chat, and integrated friends lists with Facebook and Steam. Create real-time leaderboards based on any per-player stat.
  • Promotions
    Use push notifications and in-game messaging to boost engagement, retention, and monetization. Create direct marketing campaigns to tell your players about an upcoming event or sale, or promote a new game to players of an old one.
  • Monetization
    Grow your revenue with a well-managed game economy. Deploy new offers and manage sales for all your in-game virtual items. Server-stored player inventories limit fraud.