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About Twitch

PlayFab supports player authentication via Twitch. Once this add-on is enabled, players can be logged into PlayFab using Twitch credentials. Specifically, this add-on enables the LoginWithTwitch, LinkTwitch, and UnlinkTwitch API calls.

How it Works

Once you’ve created a Twitch developer account you’ll be assigned a Twitch Client ID. Install this add-on and fill in your Client ID. PlayFab will use this information to authenticate players. After a players authenticates your application, you may request a Twitch access token for the player and use this to log them into PlayFab. More information on obtaining Twitch access tokens can be found in the Twitch authentication documentation. You’ll likely want to use the Implicit Grant Flow, and store access tokens for future API calls. Note that Twitch access tokens do not expire.


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