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Cloud based multiplayer & chat

About Photon

Get the power and customization of Exit Games’ Photon multiplayer technology with the ease of use of PlayFab. No need to set up a web server or configure Photon – we’ll do all of that for you! You can use predefined events, such as creating or joining a room, or create custom events, all of which can call into your custom Cloud Script logic.

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How it Works

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Register for Photon and we’ll set up your account and give you the Photon application IDs to use in your game. Using webhooks, you can then enable events on the game client to call secure logic in PlayFab.

Learn more in our Using Photon with PlayFab guide. You can also learn more about Photon Turnbased, Realtime, and Chat functionality.


Integration Details

Separate SDK needed
Platforms supported
PC, web, mobile, console
Call CloudScript
Free and subscription plans available