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Distribute via Kongregate

About Kongregate

We’re here to help you do what you do, and make more money doing it. If you integrate with PlayFab, and upload your game on Kongregate, we’ll share advertising and virtual goods revenue with you, and you’ll get to keep the rights to your game. Games rated highly on Kongregate get millions of plays, and we also offer sponsorship opportunities. Even if you’re just starting out, we offer free tools and a wealth of information for devs of all kinds on our developers’ site, as well as quick feedback from a committed community.

How it Works

After you create a developer account on Kongregate, and upload your game, you can find instructions on our Server Side API page for retrieving your secret key. Install this add-on, and fill in your secret game key. PlayFab will use this key to authenticate players using Kongregate. In the future we will add additional support.


Integration Details

Separate SDK needed
Platforms supported
Desktop, Flash, Mobile
Authenticate User