Enhance your game with pre-integrated tools and services. Pay only for the add-ons you choose.


Attribution tracking and advertising networks

  • Kochava

    Mobile Attribution Tracking

  • Supersonic

    Ad network for mobile monetization and UA

  • Branch

    Deeplinking platform for mobile


Understand how your game is performing

  • Appuri

    All your player data into Redshift

  • Snowflake

    Snowflake data warehouse: Live access to your raw game data

  • Watson Data Platform

    Machine learning for game developers of all sizes

  • Segment

    Simplify your analytics


Build community with your players

Customer Support

Support and ticketing services

  • Zendesk

    Software for better customer service

Content Management

Easier Cloud Script updates from external services

  • GitHub

    Source control for Cloud Script


Messaging social marketing and customer retention

  • Teak

    Engage players on Facebook

  • OneSignal

    Bulk push notification service


Payment and monetization services

  • PayPal

    PayPal Express Checkout

  • Gondola

    Dynamic pricing for games

  • Xsolla

    Global Billing Platform

Migration Kits

Migrate from other platforms to PlayFab


Services for multiplayer games

  • Photon

    Cloud based multiplayer & chat

  • New Relic

    Monitor your game servers


Game distribution platforms

Other Services

Consulting and other non-software services