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Acceptable Use

Last Updated: 8/23/2018

Your use of the PlayFab Services is subject to this Acceptable Use Policy. PlayFab reserves the right to terminate your account and cease all service if you are found to be in violation of this policy. We may change this policy at any time. It is your responsibility to keep up-to-date with and adhere to it. All capitalized terms used herein have the meanings stated in the Terms of Service.

Neither you, nor those that access the PlayFab Service through your account, may use the PlayFab Service:

  • in a way prohibited by law, regulation, governmental order or decree;
  • to violate the rights of others, including End Users;
  • to try to gain unauthorized access to or disrupt any service, device, data, account or network;
  • to spam or distribute malware;
  • in a way that could harm the PlayFab Service or impair anyone else’s use of it; or
  • in any application or situation where failure of the PlayFab Services could lead to the death or serious bodily injury of any person, or to severe physical or environmental damage.