You bring the vision. We’ll bring the servers.

These days, all it takes is talent and hard work to create amazing, high-quality games—it's not how big you are anymore. If you try to develop your own back end, you're spending time, money, and energy on a problem that's already been solved. We've powered games for years—that's all we do. If you make your game fun, we'll make sure it does everything else.
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One tool to rule them all

Our Game Manager is a massive set of handy tools that should excite everyone on your team. Your daily operations become dead simple, and everyone gets both the info they want and the tools they need to act on it. The more you know, the more you can do to step up your game.
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Don’t let success stop you.

Some games get too hot too fast and can’t keep up with demand. We’ll keep your hot streak running for as long as it lasts. Our experience speaks for itself—we’ve already powered three games that hit the Steam Top 10, and our uptime will take your breath away.
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DIY costs more in the long run. 

Building a back end seems like just another (slightly tedious) challenge at first, but when coders start to run into unanticipated problems, it can turn into a crisis. We’ll hook you up with a proven back end that meets all your needs, and you won’t pay us a dime until you start seeing serious traffic.
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PlayFab lets youfocus on the fun.
You make awesome games—but you don’t have to code your own back end from scratch. We’ve got you covered on user accounts, inventories, server hosting, matchmaking, and lots more. It’s super-easy to get started—and we don’t start earning until you do.
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Code you can count on.
We’ll work with you from the very start of coding—or swoop in to save the day just before launch. Our back end has delivered the goods for over three years, running hot games across all the major platforms with >99.95% uptime. If you can beat that, we’re hiring.
It’s easier than ever to monitor user activity, in-game purchases, server activity, and plenty more with the PlayFab Game Manager. We’ll tailor reports and more to suit your specific needs. You won’t have to guess what’s going on in the worlds you created.
We’ll handle your daily grind.