Does your item catalog do this?
Because we focus exclusively on gaming, our item catalog supports items like:

Card Packs
Crates and Keys
Consumable Items

Buy one, get N other items chosen randomly from a drop table.
Buy one, get a set of other pre-defined items.
Find a crate, buy a key to unlock it and see
what’s inside.
Buy and use for a limited time or for a limited number of uses.
Define whether items can be traded or gifted.
The only BaaS on the market supporting Steam
Build on Steam without writing a single line of server-side code.
  • Integrate with the Steam purchasing API. Purchase validation & fulfillment
  • Support Steam trading of player items.
  • Control beta roll-outs with stage release of keys to a waiting list.
  • Leverage Steam friends lists.
PlayFab gets games.
Toy Rush
Toy Rush leverages PlayFab features
such as in-game purchasing and fulfillment, including robust server-based payment verification across all platforms, item catalog management, random card packs, and much more.
Planetary Annihilation
Planetary Annihilation was Uber Entertainment’s first Kickstarter title, which drove the creation of Kickstarter-specific features like backer reward fulfillment, including in-game items for Kickstarter backers.
Loadout’s launch traffic was orders of magnitude greater than expected, but PlayFab responded by seamlessly launching needed server instances to handle the traffic without any interruption in service.
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