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  • User acquisition basics: Get the white paper

    Oct 21, 2015 by Lori Smith

    With hundreds of new games arriving in app stores every day, getting players to try a new game is one of the biggest hurdles developers face. After all, the best game in the world will still fail if no one plays it. Planning a user acquisition (UA) strategy is thus a key part of game operations. Finding the right strategy depends on a game’s budget, strategy and genre, but broadly speaking, every UA strategy has three parts:

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  • In-game events for fun and profit: Get the white paper

    Oct 8, 2015 by Lori Smith

    In-game events keep a game fresh and interesting by introducing special elements or types of gameplay on a limited basis. They are a great way for game operators to keep players engaged, build a healthy economy, and meet performance goals. Our newest white paper explores the main types of events and how to use them. From a player’s point of view, in-game events serve much the same purpose that real-life events do: They’re a way to try new experiences or go to new places, or just a way to do something cool that you tell your friends about later.

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  • The game operator's toolkit: Get the white paper

    Sep 23, 2015 by Lori Smith

    A tale of two game operators: Meet Grace and Gary. Gary runs game operations for The Cheerful Unicorn, while Grace works on The Very Sad Penguin. A month after launch, they each get the same request from their managers: “Our business guys say we’re below our targets. Can you get our whales to spend 30% more?” Grace spends several days running SQL queries and goes back to her manager with a plan to raise revenue.

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  • Game operations for all: Get the white paper

    Sep 3, 2015 by Lori Smith

    It’s not enough anymore to build a great game and walk away. Players now expect regular updates, promotions, and social integration — all components of the expanding field of game operations. The top studios are masters at this, but the ideas behind game operations are easy for everyone to understand. In our new white paper, “Game Operations for All,” we explain the key concepts and give you a checklist to make sure you’re ready before launching your next game.

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