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  • Watch the day #2 Live Stream of our Developer Workshop

    Jul 29, 2016 by James Gwertzman

    Watch the live stream for day #2! Schedule for today: Building a Multiplayer Game Server for PlayFab. Marco Williams PlayStream Deep Dive. Matt Augustine Developer Case Study: Orion Project. David Prassel From Dev to Live: Game Lifecycle. Melissa Benua / Brendan Vanous Using Data to Test Effectively. Damon Danieli, Appuri PlayFab Dev/Test Process. Melissa Benua

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  • Watch the Live Stream of our first Developer Workshop: July 28-29

    Jul 26, 2016 by James Gwertzman

    Starting this Thursday at 9:00 AM PST, we will be kicking off our inaugural two-day-long PlayFab Developer Workshop. Tickets are still available, but we will also be live streaming the event for developers who cannot make it to Seattle in person. We will be sharing our roadmap, an architecture review, best practices, a live Q&A with the engineering team, and much more. Make sure to tune in this Thursday and Friday (July 28 & 29).

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  • AdVenture Capitalist Post-Mortem talk

    Apr 11, 2016 by James Gwertzman

    The video of the talk we gave at GDC together with Hyper Hippo about their hit game “AdVenture Capitalist” is now live on the GDC Vault. It’s a fun talk — among other things you’ll learn how many fraudulent transactions they see each day, how much their revenue spikes when they run an event, and just why PlayStream is so cool.

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  • Why is no one eating the donuts?

    Apr 11, 2016 by James Gwertzman

    It’s launch day… So why is no one eating the donuts? Find out in this fun PlayFab teaser video that we put together for GDC. Props to the fine folks at Epipheo for putting this together for us. P.s. How many references to other games can you find?

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  • Video: Behind the scenes with Hyper Hippo

    Oct 19, 2015 by Lori Smith

    Hyper Hippo is the studio behind the popular idle game AdVenture Capitalist. In this video series they share their iterative approach to game design, the importance of live services, and why they’re using PlayFab’s backend service to fuel their game. Part of what sets Hyper Hippo apart is a zeal to tinker, explore and learn. CEO Lance Priebe says he’s a strong believer in the lean startup method, and applying it to game design by quickly iterating based on audience feedback.

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  • Webinar Wrap-up: Advanced Cloud Script

    Oct 16, 2015 by thom

    Cloud Script is custom logic written in JavaScript and hosted in the PlayFab service. Games can use this to have server-authoritative logic without the hassles and expense of creating and hosting a full game server. Cloud Script has full access to the PlayFab Server API methods. It enables adding a huge range of game specific features to your title, including ways to do things like granting player rewards, running validation checks to help prevent cheating, or computing the outcome of interactions between players, so that a hacked client can’t cheat others (or you).

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  • Webinar Wrap-up: Unity and PlayFab: Getting Started

    Oct 9, 2015 by thom

    Join this webinar to get started with Unity and PlayFab. From showing you the tools you need to walk you through creating a PlayFab account, provisioning your first game, setting up Unity files, adding virtual currency, and editing your game catalog. This absolute beginner webinar is ideal for those just getting started with Unity and PlayFab. Looking for the Unity and PlayFab sample code from the webinar? Click here

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  • Webinar wrap-up: Live Game Ops Academy - User acquisition

    Oct 2, 2015 by thom

    The PlayFab Live Game Ops Academy is the place to learn the key concepts for success with your live game operations. We know that operating a live game is hard, and there’s a huge gap in performance between the top-grossing game developers and everyone else. The Live Game Ops Academy is designed to help teach the skills that you need to close this gap.  You can learn more here. An effective user acquisition strategy is the holy grail of live game operations.

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  • Video: Introduction to user attribution

    Sep 25, 2015 by Lori Smith

    How do you know if your ad campaigns are paying off? Which ones are leading to installs and which ones are a waste of money? Join us in this video for a quick white board session to dive into how user attribution tracking works in the mobile gaming space. You’ll learn what attribution services can do you for and what kinds of data you can learn about your players to make an effective marketing spend.

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  • Webinar Wrap-up: What’s in the box? Creating chance mechanics and rewards

    Sep 18, 2015 by thom

    Chance mechanics combine the random rewards of a slot machine with the passion behind collectibles. They’re used in many of the most successful free to play games, particularly in Japan where the technique is known as “Gacha.” While it takes an engaged player time and game play to complete an entire set of collectibles, the trick is to make it fun for them to do so. In this webinar you will learn how to use PlayFab’s loot tables, bundles, and containers to build chance mechanics for your own game.

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