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  • Unity SDK V2 - Released

    Jul 22, 2016 by Marco Williams

    The PlayFab Unity SDK V2 has been available in Beta for 3 weeks, now. We did one week of an internal beta and two weeks of a public Beta, and the results have been excellent. The adoption rate has been even better than we expected, and we have received lots of feedback that we have incorporated into the SDK. With that, the time has come and we are pleased to announce that the new Unity SDK V2 is officially released!

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  • New and Improved Unity SDK ( Beta Preview )

    Jun 29, 2016 by Marco Williams

    One of the joys of working on the SDK team is finding better ways to improve our existing technology. And today is one of those days where I get to highlight some of the hard work that our team has been doing to keep the Unity SDK cross-platform compatible. We have a new Beta of the Unity SDK that we will be introducing today (you can find the download info at the end of this blog).

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  • Looking for How-To Guides for Features? Check Out Our Recipes!

    May 20, 2016 by Brendan Vanous

    With so many types of data systems and ways to use them – not to mention virtual currencies and inventory, statistics, and other services, finding the best way to architect your gameplay concepts can be a challenge. While the team at PlayFab is always monitoring the forums for any questions on how to use our features to achieve your goals, and we’re constantly adding to the documentation, we also maintain a “recipe” sample repository in GitHub which provides code showing how to create some of the more common gameplay features developers have asked us about.

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  • New Feature: Resettable Leaderboards

    Feb 17, 2016 by Brendan Vanous

    We’re happy today to announce one of the most frequently requested features - resettable leaderboards, made possible by versioned player stats. You can now have leaderboards which reset on a regular, pre-defined cadence, so that you can have a monthly, weekly, daily, or even hourly leaderboards in your game. To define the reset schedule, click the “Leaderboards” tab on the “Player” menu. Each player statistic shows as a distinct leaderboard, with the information on what version (or iteration, in this display) it is on, as well as the period for when it resets.

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  • A special thanks to the PlayFab community developers

    Jan 8, 2016 by Zac Bragg

    The PlayFab developer community has been busy creating cool little projects that make PlayFab easier to use. In this blog post we want to share some of these with you, in hopes that you’ll find some of these useful as well. SDK’s We purposely shared our SDK generator via GitHub in hopes that developers would use it to create new SDK’s for their favorite languages or platforms…. and sure enough, we’ve had two!

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  • Unreal Blueprint SDK now available in beta

    Oct 22, 2015 by Lori Smith

    We’re pleased to announce the beta release of our first Unreal Blueprint SDK, making it even easier for developers to use the full range of PlayFab’s APIs with Unreal Engine 4’s visual scripting system. We hope to see even more games built on Unreal and fueled by PlayFab in the future. Special thanks go to developer Joshua Lyons, who reached out to us this summer and built the Blueprint SDK using our SDK generator.

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  • New Cloud Script guide and other updates

    Oct 21, 2015 by Lori Smith

    When your engineering team is as lightning fast as ours is, sometimes your features get ahead of your documentation. We’ve been working hard to catch up and I’m proud to show off the first results of that effort with a new Cloud Script guide, a simplified Getting Started guide and an updated guide for Game Manager. The new Using Cloud Script guide explains how to call Cloud Script functions, how to pass information for C#, how to deserialize JSON strings, and how to use the PlayFab.

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  • Virtual office hours and SDK release notes

    Sep 16, 2015 by Lori Smith

    When I first started working with PlayFab, it was as a customer — just your average game developer looking to integrate with this cool new toolset. Now that I’m working here as head of Developer Tools, it’s my goal to keep developer focus front of mind, and roll out the kind of SDKs and developer tools that exceed developer expectations. We’ve got lots of cool new stuff coming up, but I wanted to use my first blog post to highlight two in particular: Virtual office hours and SDK release notes.

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  • New ActionScript SDK for Flash and AIR

    Apr 28, 2015

    We’re pleased to announce the release of a new PlayFab SDK to support Flash/AIR games written in ActionScript. This SDK makes it easy for developers to use the full range of PlayFab APIs and build the next web-based hit in the tradition of Kingdom Rush or Triple Town. Flash remains an important segment of the game development marketplace, with sites such as Kongregate and Facebook providing a nearly endless variety of innovative and experimental games with a very low barrier to entry.

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  • Unity SDK for PlayFab now available

    Aug 27, 2014

    Well, actually, the Unity SDK was first published several weeks ago but we’re behind in updating this blog. The new Unity SDK makes it much easier to use the full set of PlayFab services from any game developed in Unity. It comes in two parts. The first part is a C# wrapper around our Web API. The second part are  examples and prefabs  that integrate with the Unity editor to make your life easier.  Type in your PlayFab TitleID, drag & drop our login prefab and start connecting your game mechanics to our large list of APIs.

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