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  • Check out Unicorn Battle

    Jul 13, 2016 by Zac Bragg

    Unicorn Battle is a simple, yet fully-featured game, that we built to help us demonstrate the various systems and features of PlayFab. It has turned out to also be a very useful testing and debugging tool, and a great sandbox for playing with new PlayFab features. Today we are happy to release on GitHub the full source code for Unicorn Battle. Playing around with Unicorn Battle is a great way to experiment with what PlayFab can do.

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  • Looking for How-To Guides for Features? Check Out Our Recipes!

    May 20, 2016 by Brendan Vanous

    With so many types of data systems and ways to use them – not to mention virtual currencies and inventory, statistics, and other services, finding the best way to architect your gameplay concepts can be a challenge. While the team at PlayFab is always monitoring the forums for any questions on how to use our features to achieve your goals, and we’re constantly adding to the documentation, we also maintain a “recipe” sample repository in GitHub which provides code showing how to create some of the more common gameplay features developers have asked us about.

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  • A Free PlayFab Custom Game Server

    Feb 9, 2016 by Marco Williams

    It’s no big secret that PlayFab allows you to upload and run a Game Server build for free. It’s super easy to do; you just go to the servers tab in Game Manager click on the Builds subtab and then upload a .exe file. Sounds simple right? We even have a nice and informational “how to” tutorial for Custom Game Servers, which explains the essentials of how game servers are hosted in PlayFab, and how to upload and manage them┬ávia our Admin API and Game Manager.

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  • Introducing Union, our new sample MOBA game

    Jul 9, 2015

    [youtube=””] We’re pleased to announce the release of Union, the first of two sample games we’re releasing this summer to make it even easier for developers to get going with PlayFab. Union is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game for Android devices, built with Unity and designed to demonstrate PlayFab features in action, including Photon integration. Among the features this game shows off: In-app purchases using PlayFab’s catalog features and Google Play receipt validation Leaderboard stats based on numbers of kills Facebook authentication and profile integration Kills and win/loss ratios tracked in player statistics Photon integration, including room creation, chat, and all realtime events and remote procedure calls Matchmaking players using Cloud Script to balance the teams with the total numbers of kills made by the player in the past Union is yours to play with.

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