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  • Watch the day #2 Live Stream of our Developer Workshop

    Jul 29, 2016 by James Gwertzman

    Watch the live stream for day #2! Schedule for today: Building a Multiplayer Game Server for PlayFab. Marco Williams PlayStream Deep Dive. Matt Augustine Developer Case Study: Orion Project. David Prassel From Dev to Live: Game Lifecycle. Melissa Benua / Brendan Vanous Using Data to Test Effectively. Damon Danieli, Appuri PlayFab Dev/Test Process. Melissa Benua

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  • Watch the Live Stream of our first Developer Workshop: July 28-29

    Jul 26, 2016 by James Gwertzman

    Starting this Thursday at 9:00 AM PST, we will be kicking off our inaugural two-day-long PlayFab Developer Workshop. Tickets are still available, but we will also be live streaming the event for developers who cannot make it to Seattle in person. We will be sharing our roadmap, an architecture review, best practices, a live Q&A with the engineering team, and much more. Make sure to tune in this Thursday and Friday (July 28 & 29).

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  • Put an end to 'A$$W$PE wants to be your friend'

    Jul 25, 2016 by James Gwertzman

    We’re really excited about our newest marketplace add-on, from CommunitySift, which adds the ability to block display names that contain profanity. We think every game that uses the Display Name feature is going to want to turn this feature on — manual policing of your community is now a thing of the past. CommunitySift is a leader in helping keep online communities safe from trolls, cyberbullying, and abuse. Their full solution is very powerful, but requires custom engineering work, and is not typically available to small developers.

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  • Register now for first PlayFab Developer Workshop

    Jul 14, 2016 by James Gwertzman

    Tickets are still available for PlayFab’s first Developer Workshop! Sign up now for 2 information-packed days all about PlayFab. Sessions will include technical talks, round-tables, case-studies, and plenty of opportunities to chat with the PlayFab team and other developers using PlayFab. The workshop is in Seattle, at the PlayFab offices, just a few blocks from Seattle’s historic Pike Place Market. Whether you’re a developer still evaluating whether PlayFab is right for your project, deep in development on your first PlayFab-powered project, or already operating your live game on the PlayFab platform, there’s content for you.

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  • Looking for How-To Guides for Features? Check Out Our Recipes!

    May 20, 2016 by Brendan Vanous

    With so many types of data systems and ways to use them – not to mention virtual currencies and inventory, statistics, and other services, finding the best way to architect your gameplay concepts can be a challenge. While the team at PlayFab is always monitoring the forums for any questions on how to use our features to achieve your goals, and we’re constantly adding to the documentation, we also maintain a “recipe” sample repository in GitHub which provides code showing how to create some of the more common gameplay features developers have asked us about.

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  • A special thanks to the PlayFab community developers

    Jan 8, 2016 by Zac Bragg

    The PlayFab developer community has been busy creating cool little projects that make PlayFab easier to use. In this blog post we want to share some of these with you, in hopes that you’ll find some of these useful as well. SDK’s We purposely shared our SDK generator via GitHub in hopes that developers would use it to create new SDK’s for their favorite languages or platforms…. and sure enough, we’ve had two!

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