Style Guide

PlayFab makes hard things easy. Our voice is bright, bold, and intentional. We care about details and clarity. This style guide will help you use our brand assets, like our logo and colors, in a way that is consistent with our promised level of power and reliability.

PlayFab Logos

Powered by PlayFab logo: use for games running on the PlayFab platform. Include this in a prominent location in your game, such as a splash screen.

PlayFab logo: use on your website or marketing materials.

Powered by PlayFab logo

Logo Usage Guidelines

Clear space

The height/width of the Logomark is a measurement for the minimum clear space requirement around the logo. This space is flat and free of any other design element and clear of the edge of the page.

Minimum size


The minimum size for screen display is 120px x 33px


The minimum size for print display is 0.8”x0.22”

The logo should never be sized below the above dimensions. For dimensions smaller than 160px x 45px or 1.1” x 0.3”, please use the alternate small display logo provided.

Color options

Color usage for this logo is restricted. The logo can only be presented using the specified "PlayFab Orange" as documented below, or in tints of black when color is unavailable. If using gray, do not go below 40% black.

PlayFab Orange

CMYK: 0 , 70, 100, 0
RGB: 256, 109, 33
HEX: #ff6d21

Acceptable uses

  • Primary

  • Reverse (orange)

  • Black

  • Reverse (black)

  • Gray (60%) - ok

  • Reverse (gray - 40%) - ok

  • Reverse (gray - 25%) - too light

Unacceptable uses

Unacceptable uses also apply to black and white logo applications.

  • Do not switch the specified colors in the logo

  • Do not choose arbitrary colors or use tints for the logo

  • Do not stretch or skew the logo

  • Do not outline the logo

  • Do not change the composition of the logo

  • Do not substitute a different typeface for the logo

  • Don't alter or switch out the text

  • Don't combine unrelated graphics and/or text with the logo lockup

  • Do not separate or use the logomark without the accompanying text