The PlayFab Team

PlayFab's mission is to transform the game industry by delivering a live-game operations platform that helps studios of all sizes more effectively build, launch, and operate their games post-launch.

Game operations — everything you do with your game post-launch — is hard, and getting harder. The gap in best practices between the best developers and everyone else is large. We're helping to close that gap by providing everything a developer needs to be successful — all the tools, technologies, and know-how — allowing developers to go back to focusing on their game, and letting us take care of everything else.

We are very excited to announce that PlayFab has joined Microsoft to improve LiveOps for all developers! Microsoft, with its deep expertise in gaming and cloud computing, is a perfect home for PlayFab as we expand our platform and features. Our customers are worldwide, and Microsoft’s global presence and world-class Microsoft Azure server infrastructure complement PlayFab’s services, making it even easier for studios to focus on building great games instead of back end technology.

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