Features / LiveOps

Host events, run experiments, and reward your players

  • Wifi Remotely manage game configuration Store configuration on the server to modify your game's behavior over time, without client updates.
  • Jewel Store and distribute game files Hook players with frequent content updates such as asset packs, DLC, or other game files. Update anytime remotely. Access by game clients via global CDN.
  • Calculator Trigger actions from real-time events Reward your players and enable a rich set of actions including running CloudScript or sending push notifications.
  • Clock Scheduled tasks Schedule tasks once or on a recurring basis. Run tasks, such as granting a reward to your top spenders or re-engaging your lapsed players with an offer.

Publish title news

Edit and publish messages to be seen by all players. Title News is useful for news of the day, tips and tricks, upcoming announcements, and more.

Custom email templates

Address customer requets or stimulate player engagement by targeting a segment of lapsed players with a link to redeem a gift, or notify players of an upcoming special event.