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Give players the multiplayer game experience they want—powered by the cloud with minimal lag

Dedicated multiplayer servers deliver low-latency and high reliability for real-time gameplay and LiveOps, without the challenges of building, managing, and running servers at scale

Multiplayer Servers

Build, deploy, and scale your game quickly on reliable, multiplayer servers

  • Dynamically scale from 100 players to 10,000,000 and more

    Handle peaks in demand without impacting the game experience

  • Grow with the proven scale of Xbox and Microsoft Azure

    Build on a reliable and secure cloud infrastructure that spans over 50 Azure data centers worldwide with support for all platforms and game engines

  • Control server and development costs without sacrificing performance

    Dynamically respond to player demand with the ability to easily and efficiently scale custom multiplayer servers

Responsive Matchmatching

Sort, filter, and assemble users for maximum compatibility and fun

  • Build player skills and increase gameplay time

    Give players at all levels faster, higher-quality matches for more exciting and rewarding play, while balancing the quality of the match with the time it takes to match

  • Control and customize the game experience

    Set matchmaking parameters to fit the style and structure of your game. Access insights and continuously tune matchmaking rules to optimize the player experience

  • Adapt and improve matches overtime

    The powerful, flexible matchmaking algorithm, developed by Xbox Live, enables you to analyze data and optimize rules so matches continue to adapt and improve