Features / Game Services

Grow fearlessly with a complete set of backend features

    • Player Auth & Linked Accounts
    • Store and Manage Player Data
    • Player Segmentation
    • Leaderboards
    • Multiplayer Services
    • In-game characters
    • Send push notifications
    • Commerce
    • Create & track virtual currencies

Multiplayer Services

Give players the multiplayer game experience they want - powered by the cloud with minimal lag

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  • Multiplayer Servers

    Build, deploy, and scale your game quickly on reliable, multiplayer servers.

  • Responsive Matchmaking

    Sort, filter, and assemble users for maximum compatibility and fun.

  • Chat Support

    • Deep integration with Photon chat service
    • Supports 1-to-1, small group, and large group chat
    • Call CloudScript functions automatically when players enter/exit
    • Currently integrated with CommunitySift for moderation
  • Profanity Filtering

    • Integrated for Display Name filtering
    • Integrated with Photon Chat
    • Deeper custom integration available

Player Auth and Linked Accounts

PlayFab offers multiple forms of authentication so players can be tracked across multiple devices

  • Device ID for guest login

  • Steam account

  • Username/password

  • Kongregate account

  • Any custom player ID

  • Twitch account

  • Google account

  • Other oAuth providers

  • GameCenter account

  • Android device ID

  • Facebook account

  • Custom player ID

Store and Manage Player Data

Store player information and game state in the cloud so data is never lost

  • Share data across multiple devices and games

  • Modify using Game Manager

  • Share with other players

  • Player stats for leaderboards, matchmaking, segmentation

  • Choose level of game client access

  • Support for COPPA compliance

Player Segmentation

Trigger actions in real-time as a player enters/exits segments

You can set manually with tags and use segments to target stores or run bulk actions.


Drive more engagement in your game. Customize and display around the current player, or from any position. Leaderboards can be reset on a fixed schedule or manually at any time.

  • Any stat can be a leaderboard

  • Remove players suspected of cheating at any time

  • Leaderboards can be filtered to only show friends

  • Choose stat update mode: last, min, max, sum

  • Display around the current player, or from any position

  • Optionally: use CloudScript to filter for illegal values

In-game characters

Store multiple characters per player. Each character you set up will have its own Data, Vitural Currency, and Inventory.

Send push notifications

Manually or automatically send push notifications to single players or an entire segment.


  • Create and manage item catalog

    Update catalog from server dynamically at any time

  • Group items with bundles or containers

    Contents may be randomly generated from a drop-tables

  • Create and manage item stores

    Customize catalog stores with different prices and segments

  • Store player inventory on the server

    Grant or revoke items manually or create randomized items

  • Validate receipts on the server to reduce fraud

    Supports Android, iOS, Amazon, Xbox, and PlayStation

  • Player-to-player gifting or trading

    Can be communicated to other players via chat, push, or social

  • Process payments using 3rd-party systems

    Supports Stream, Facebook, Xsolla, Paypal, and more

  • Generate coupon codes to redeem items

    Use for promotional campaigns or live events

Create and track virtual currencies

Build multiple virtual currencies, view and set player balances, set initial depost balances, and specify auto-recharge rates.