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Distribute via Universal Windows Platform

About Windows 10

Build great experiences for PCs, Xbox, mobile and more via a single app package that can be distributed through one unified channel, the Windows Store.

Over 400 million devices already run Windows 10. Reach these devices across multiple form factors with less work by leveraging Windows 10’s unified core and adaptive UX to make your game look great on PCs, Xbox, phones and tablets.

By distributing your game through the Windows Store, you can access more than 200 markets. However your game makes money, Windows Store supports it - whether that’s advertising, virtual goods or downloads. And Microsoft gives you tools to help you plan, build and market your game, including new ways to engage with your players like gestures, gaze and holograms.

How it Works

With PlayFab’s integrated support for Universal Windows Platform, you can authenticate players using Windows Hello, and sell virtual items via the Windows Store. All you need to submit your game to the Windows Store is a Microsoft developer account.


Integration Details

Separate SDK needed
Platforms supported
Universal Windows Platform
Read/Write Purchases