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Machine learning for game developers of all sizes

About Watson Data Platform

Pair the Watson Data Platform on IBM Cloud with PlayFab’s backend services for games, and improve your player experiences and boost engagement. Your game generates massive amounts of data. IBM’s Data Science Experience helps you harness the power of that data - so you can create greater engagement with your players, in real-time.

How it Works

Once you contact us to customize this add-on, we will send all of your game data to the IBM Data Science Experience, a social workspace that helps data professionals consolidate create and collaborate across multiple open source tools such as R and Python. Using the IBM Data Science Experience, you can analyze your game event data, to help you drive lasting player engagement. Tap into IBM Watson Machine Learning (coming soon) to unlock the power of industry leading machine learning technologies. Watson Machine Learning intelligently and automatically builds models from your PlayStream data while accelerating model deployment into business operations - so game developers can analyze more data about their players and deploy those learnings directly into their games.


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