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Snowflake data warehouse: Live access to your raw game data

About Snowflake

Snowflake is a data warehouse that allows you to store and analyze your game data in near-real time. With this add-on, your game’s data is automatically imported into a read-only table in Snowflake, so you can query your game’s data using direct SQL queries or powerful third-party data visualization tools.

One of Snowflake’s unique features is support for semi-structured data access, so you can query any of your PlayStream event fields directly, without having to break them out as separate columns in your database. This enables you to define custom events in your game on the fly, without having to pre-define the schema, making it easy to test new ideas quickly. Developers accessing their game data through Snowflake and PlayFab don’t pay for the storage of their data, only for data access and actual compute resources. With the Snowflake Data Sharehouse add-on, you can focus on getting insights that can help you improve your game, engage and retain users, and improve monetization. Snowflake offers out-of-the-box integrations with Tableau, Looker and Informatica for data analysis and visualization.

How it Works

Create an account in Snowflake’s US West region, or use an existing account in US West. Enable the Snowflake data sharing add-on and enter your Snowflake ID. It will briefly show as Pending.

Within a minute, the addon should update to Enabled. Now, execute “CREATE DATABASE playfab_shared FROM SHARE jr71147.playfab_share” in your snowflake account (with the role ACCOUNTADMIN).

You will immediately be able to access your raw game data in near-real time through PlayFab, enabling rich analysis of your game event data, to help you improve monetization and drive lasting player engagement. Sign up for a PlayFab account to integrate Snowflake Data Sharehouse into your game or app.


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