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Block profanity in display names

About Community Sift

Community Sift is the next generation of moderation software, empowering you to build a safer and more positive community in your game. By filtering usernames for subversive profanity and inappropriate content, we enable social products to provide a cleaner experience for all their users.

The full scope of our tool uses best-in-class automation to refine user-generated content in every context, including open chat and private messaging. Reduce moderation costs by letting the system handle machine-appropriate tasks, and prioritize your moderators’ queues for a more efficient workflow. Access to all 119 features will help you decrease churn, increase ROI, and limit the amount of bullying and harassment happening on your platform. With an effective system of enforcement in place, you can sit back and watch your community thrive.

How it Works

Set profanity level to kid, teen, or adult

Community Sift will automatically filter profane display names on any API call that changes the player’s Display Name. You can choose the level of filtering from “kid”, “teen”, or “adult”. The call will fail, and the name will not be changed, if the name fails the profanity check.

Community Sift classifies user-generated content by topic and risk-level, detecting problematic messaging with the highest degree of accuracy possible. We use pattern recognition to address advanced bypass tricks like numbers for letters and alternate spellings. To ensure our system stays relevant, new rules are added every day based on the data we process (billions of messages each month).

The Community Sift suite of tools is perfect for real-time moderation. The system is designed to take automatic action according to customized policies for up to 18 topics, including bullying, sexting, private information sharing, and fraud. Product owners can decide the degree of risk they are willing to tolerate for each topic, and how they want to handle specific types of transgressions. It also builds reputations based on user behavior, allowing you to place tighter restrictions on repeat offenders without limiting expression for your best players.


Integration Details

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Starting at $50/month